"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the LORD, not for man."   Colossians 3:23

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meet the van kooten family

This is us… in a medium-sized nut shell:

WE are a small family loving small town life in rural Iowa. We work hard together. And believe in serving others as Christ has commanded us to do. We believe whole-hardheartedly that each and everyone of our guests is a blessing to us. Our hope is that we, too, can be a blessing to you and yours. 

JOSH is a custom applicator and does custom spraying for farmers and local coops. He also buys and sells Sprayers. When he is not busy in the shop he enjoys playing the Daddy role at home, working with the campers, or helping on the family farm

MELISSA   is a work from home stay at home mom and the go-to girl for your rental needs.  Melissa likes to spend time with her family, friends, and projects sprucing up our 100 year old farm house!

COLE is thirteen!  He loves to work with Mom on the campers, helping Dad work outside on the yard or in the shop with farm machinery. Cole plays basketball, football and the trumpet! He is a hardworking young man and we couldn't do this without him! 

AUBREY  is our twelve year old beauty with a heart of gold. She really enjoys helping Mom with things in the house and kitchen. She has a very strong servant -hood personality always looking for ways to be helpful! She enjoys volleyball and basketball! She helps with so much in cleaning and setting up campers. Such a blessing!  

LEXI is ten already! I am not sure how that happened! She is so generous and loves to make new friends. Her sweet little smile is contagious. She loves to make us laugh daily.  She loves to play soccer and spend time outdoors.  A lover of animals, she's always playing with the dogs. She is also a huge help with cleaning setting up the campers. Blessed with the best! 


JAX is an energetic ball of fur. He is nine years old  and really takes on the personalities of his breeds. He is part Lab and Newfoundland -- or so we think. Don't be surprised if he greets with a stick-- he loves new friends! 

MILO - is our 2 year old pup. He is a teddy-poo (a mix between a Shiatsu/ Bichon with a miniature Poodle).  He is super sweet and cuddly. You probably won't meet him since he stays inside often, but we sure do enjoy his company in the evenings. 

As you can see -- our hearts are full. Life on our little acreage is full of adventure.