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Rental Procedures on Travel Trailers

Some important information to keep in mind when renting from us:


We guarantee delivery of your camper after 2pm.  The campground check in time is 2pm.  We try to site up early if possible, but it is not guaranteed.  Our check-out time is 11 am for all campers. This is to allow us time to get all campers off of the sites by the noon required time of the campgrounds. It is not necessary for you to be present at delivery or pick-up of the camper. Please note, it is your responsibility to check-in with the campground host upon arrival. We do not do this for you upon setup of the camper.


When arriving at the camper the unit will be unlocked and the keys will be on the table. On the table you will find paperwork which consists of a Welcome letter with important information, a cleaning list that must be done and signed upon check-out, and an invoice to keep for your records. The camper will be hooked up to the campground hookups (electric, water & sewer where available), the onboard water tank will be filled (50 gallons of fresh water) and the AC or furnace will be on. The fridge will be cooled and ready for your food. If you have any questions during your rental, the needed phone numbers are provided on your welcome letter. 

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